Alessandro Anselmi Front-Developer Rome - Ristorante La Tramontana

La Tramontana

About the projectTypical Italian Restaurant on Bracciano Lakeside La Tramontana is a typical Italian restaurant located on the shore of Lake Bracciano sweet waters.A family atmoshpere accompanied by Italian cuisine scents will welcome you warmly in a small well-kept environment. Not only. In front of the structure there is a characteristic stilt house that hosts…

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Alessandro Anselmi Front-Developer Rome - Studio 25 Produzioni Visive

Studio 25

About the projectCapture emotions inphotography shots Studio 25 Produzioni Visive is the successful result of a collaboration between 3 professionals in the photographic industry. A complete team. Creative characters, often visionaries, but also very serious and professional. The website made for Marco, Antonio & Romina is based on a dark theme that wants to express…

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